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Our Organic Products

Domaine de la Camarette vignoble BIO au pied du Mont Ventoux

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Our organic products 

For the lovers of organic  products, the Camarette has the solution.


The Domaine de la Camarette offers products suitable for everyone!

 All of our organic products are in the cellar.

 Chickpeas in jars of 300 or 500g,
you can consume them in different forms: in salad with coriander, cumin and red onions! Perfect to bring a little freshness
Also in a hot dish as couscous or tajine and without forgetting the water of chickpeas in the jars that can be transformed into meringue!

Nothing is lost, everything is transformed.

Chickpeas Chickpeas, Our organic products ChickpeasChickpeas, Our organic products

  • Lentils to eat in salad in summer with red or white onions accompanied by a little cilantro or in winter in a hot dish with a piece of meat in sauce or the famous « lentil sausage » of our childhood!

Lentils and Sauvignon white, Our organic products

  • The typical olive oil of Provence with a beautiful fruity and ardent touch that will accompany all your dishes in salad or aperitif and to season a good meal.

Olive oil, Our organic products Olive oil, Our organic products


The Provençal grape seed oil that can season your meals and salads! We have to our eggs come from the henhouse

Lentils and Sauvignon white, Our organic products